Writing a cover letter for an adjunct teaching position

Did you write your cover letter with passion and conviction? Does your personality and enthusiasm for teaching shine through? Have you sold yourself as a potential teacher, as well as a standout human being?

Writing a cover letter for an adjunct teaching position

I currently hold a PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies from Union Institute and University, and have over 15 years of experience as a professor and administrator in health policy development. I completed an interdisciplinary doctoral dissertation utilizing elements of ethnomusicology, public policy, thanatology, and liturgical practice to explore HIV policy.

I offer a unique combination of undergraduate and graduate level teaching in both traditional and online settings, as well as Health Administration and Consulting background in the healthcare profession.

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I believe this combination of professional and academic experience ensures I am an excellent fit for this position. I have incorporated elements of interdisciplinary research in the Masters of Management program at Kekuka College, where I have been instrumental in revising the curriculum.

I coordinate administration for the management degree programs, develop online instruction and certificate programs, as well as design and facilitate online courses in Management. I have a passion for initiating, revamping, and redesigning programs in health sciences, health care management, health leadership, and health advocacy.

I have a proven background designing and implementing a health sciences research agenda and creating successful curriculum programs for online students. I would enjoy discussing the Adjunct Professor position with you in the weeks to come.

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In the meantime, I am enclosing my Curriculum Vitae; letters of recommendation and references will arrive under separate cover. If you require any additional materials or information, I would be happy to supply it.

Thank you for your consideration.

writing a cover letter for an adjunct teaching position

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I am writing to apply for the Adjunct Faculty position in the English Department at New Parkland Community College.

I hold a PhD in English Literature and have four years of teaching experience at the postsecondary level. As an English Adjunct Faculty member at Geneva University I teach three courses in literature and writing.

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Writing a Cover Letter for a Community College Job. “Teaching basic writing at X Community College and at Y State University, I have worked effectively with students from diverse backgrounds [who] have been identified by placement examinations as under-prepared for college-level writing.

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