Tackling the gang problem in the uk criminology essay

Hire writer In the past decennary the construct of packs has been debated exhaustively via research, media and authorities policy. This has led many to fault the young person of today for being the ruin of society by belonging to a pack.

Tackling the gang problem in the uk criminology essay

Tackling the gang problem in the uk criminology essay

More Essay Examples on Crime Rubric Most of the gang members seem to come from the back ground of poor families. The article suggest that there are key pathways to poverty which causes these young people to end up joining gangsthese pathways can come in the form of family breakdown, for example if parents are divorced and the single parent try to bring up the children on her own, in most cases problems start to developwhen these children feel the need for a male role modelthen they decide to be engaged with older youth in the streets.

Economic dependency and unemployment is the other factor which also makes the young people to join gangs, education failure also affects them so much that they give up on education and drop out of school and some of them get excluded from school and go to the streets and join the gangs Aldridge and Medina UK and USA researches suggest that there is a strong connection between gangs and violence communities that care;Bennett and Halloway, Trasher and Puffer are of the idea that a gang is any play group existing along side the family and the neighbourhood Muncie Trasher has an idea that gangs are formed when youth in the same area come together as a playgroup first but eventually come into conflict with their community and a culture of delinquency thrives in them.

Trasher suggests that gangs are a solace and brings a sense of belonging and support to disorganised communities. Gang members ranges from the ages 10year olds up to the age of 40 but the most common age for joining the gangs is years and as the members gets mature the membership tails off Aldridge and Medina Gangs can be joined for different reasons like protection yet intra gang conflict is endemic.

In most cases the gang members themselves tend to lack stability of membership. Gangs have long been associated with crime but they rarely commit the crime collectively as a gang, but its usually individual members who commits the crime. Campbell and Muncer argue that contrary to what the media says none of the USA gang culture is reflected on the British one.

The media and government attributed the killings in were linked to the rise of armed organised gangs in the UK and an emerging culture of violence amongst young people, based on this vein it has been suggested that there is a gang epidemic in the UK.

Downes suggested that the idea of gangs existing in Britain around s was symptomatic of middle class attempts to impute a structure and organisation to working class groups which they did not posses.

Downes suggest that America owns the gangs, while Britain is the home of youth subcultures. It has been distinctly argued that the UK has a lot of gangs and that these gangs are a new phenomenon which resulted from changing social conditions Pitts The media in the early s highlighted cities like Bradford, Bristol, Leeds and Nottingham as having gangs who held a focus on high profile firearms murders.

In Eurogang was established which is led by the American academic Malcolm Klein involving the American researchers who aim to apply a largely quantitative analysis to help European countries deal with their gang problems.

Tackling the gang problem in the uk criminology essay

Hallsworth and Young,this is also an attempt by the government to tackle gang problem in the UK. The media observer ,8 September claimed that there was as many as 30 gang members in England and Wales clustered within London, Birmingham and Manchester, and the year before the same newspaper announced that girls lead the pack of gangland violence.

The question is how far the media say is the truth about the gangs in the UK. In January to September8 children and teenagers lost their lives in shootings while 17 others died of stubbing, the crimes included the death of an 11 year old boy who was shot and then it appeared to be a result appeared to be an accident shouting in Liverpool.

When James Bulgar was killed the telegraph declared that we were now caught in the crossfire of gangland Britain Muncie On the other hand the youth justice board thinks that the mislabelling of youth groups as gangs runs the risks of glamorizing them and may even encourage young people to involved in more serious criminal behaviour, and it also pointed out that most young people who had carried a knife claimed that it was only for protection and they have never used it.

There was also a suggestion that young men who are in offending groups recognised that there was a certain status in claiming to be a gangthey later discover that those claims were empty boast and there was a clear difference between their group of affiliation and the real gang membership.

Real gangs were distinguished by transgressing certain norms they adhered to particularly with the regard of their deliberate use of unacceptable levels of violence. A survey by the Metropolitan police in shows that the knife crime dropped by As it is thought that knife carrying is driven by a concern for self protection or a status, the government enacted new powers making it illegal to sell an imitation gun of knife or an air rifle to any one under the age of In 5 million was devoted to target knife hot spot, and the use of electronic metal detectors was introduced.

Police were also given new powers to stop and search. The Prime Minister urged that there should be a presumption to prosecute any over 16 year old caught carrying a knife or and one caught carrying a knife without a good reason BBC NEWS, 7 july This is also an attempt by the government to deter young people from carrying weapons.

Police in London and Strathclyde have each identified gangs BBC news 13 Februaryit was also reported that young people are estimated to be directly involved in gangs in London Borough of Waltham forest alone with an additional of 8, people affected by gangs, J. Pitts ,youth gangs in Waltham forest In Manchester and Liverpool around 60 percent of shootings are gang related, this was reported by the Merseyside police Home office crime reduction series paper 13 Metropolitan police authority May 29 reported that at list half of the 27 murders of young people in London were also gang related.

The problem is that figures sometimes contradict, the Home Office Tackling Gangs Action Programme appear to have identified few gangs than the Metropolitan police.

The MPS found gangs operating in London and the Home Office estimated gang members in London which meant they would only be two people per gang which will not constitute a gang by the Home Office definition.

If the Home Office had a universal definition of gang, it would help if there was a unanimous definition of gangs by everybody. The media has a misconceptions about the gangs, they usually think that black males are heavily associated with gangsguns and knife crimes and as result these people have been subjected to stop and search.

When the truth is the gangs are made up of different ethnics and are based on the communities. There is a fundamental importance in finding a common definition of a gang and what constitutes a gang. The Home Office refers it as the delinquent youth groups rather than gangs Aldridge and Medina The definition of gangs by the Home Office is not used by those who are involved in tackling gangs; this then makes it difficult to produce a national assessment of gang membership and activities, if those who are tackling gangs do not have the clear definition of what constitutes a gang.

The government had started to try to solve these gang and youth violence which has been an ongoing problem in the UK, even though over the years they did not do enough to deal with this problem.The Social Learning Theory Criminology Essay. According to Cox, examines the myths and realities around youth gangs in the UK.

However, this research on the youth problem in the UK is led to the vast amount of research on the USA mean applied in the UK situation.

Essays & Papers Gangs in the Uk - Paper Example Gangs in the Uk This assignment is about gangs which are now a growing problem in the UK as it is reflected in media coverage and governmental responses to gangs, crime and violence - Gangs in the Uk introduction.

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