Suji i n s case study

Some translations of para- and extra-canonical Chinese Buddhist texts are included at the end of the list.

Suji i n s case study

This is, I feel, the attitude that other homeopaths should emulate by sharing their knowledge based on their own discoveries with the use of standard Homeopathic remedies in curing diseases which were not listed in the Repertories.

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I reported about 2 years ago that I had discovered that Arnica reduced Blood Sugar levels in both Type I and II Diabetics and as usual my report was held up in scorn immediately. It was only when other homeopaths discovered that Arnica does in fact reduce BS levels and as you also rightly included BP levels in patients, that those who scorned me sat up and took notice that there was indeed method in my madness.

You may have read the many attacks that classical homeopaths heaped upon me in the past few years on the homeopathic forums I visit daily, merely because they considered me a maverick who rocked their precious Classical Homeopathic boat too much.

I believe that they did so because at least some discovered that my presence on their classical forums could corrupt the minds of potential classical homeopaths who were already in homeopathic colleges, as my therapy which treats the disease directly in the allopathic manner, seemed to be more effective than the standard classical method of identifying just one remedy which takes into account all the other symptoms presented by the patient.

I do not wish to elaborate on this point as I have already dealt with it in other posts on the ABC. You may have observed that the attacks against my therapy invariably predicted doom to the unsuspecting patient who in many cases was confused as to which therapy he should use, which made a bad situation even worse as in some instances he would prefer the classical approach merely because the prescriber had the title Dr.

I have some cases where the patient used Suji i n s case study classical therapy and returned to my therapy when he found that the classical approach was not helping him and discovered that my non classical therapy cured him in some cases, instantly.

The return of my sons after their post graduate studies in the US and joined the family business gave me this free time which I use today to help others and it gives me great satisfaction to help a patient which I have done free of charge, especially those who have run the gamut of specialist doctors, Ayurvedic physicians and then later classical homeopaths and finally they come to me here in Sri Lanka or visit a Homeopathic forum and I take over in my own direct way.

Reference to his Organon will show that he too was constantly updating his therapy with every subsequent edition and I believe that what I am now trying to do is to continue in his footsteps by updating the concept of Homeopathy and to prove to those classical types that there is another way of helping a patient to overcome a disease by using the direct method that I have been using successfully for many years in spite of the conflagaration that it seems to have caused in homeopathic circles.

I hope that this can perhaps indicate that the rest of the world too is taking some notice of the therapy that I have always used successfully, which to me seems the obvious therapy that others too should use in helping a patient to overcome his ailment.

It seems a happy coincidence that this fact was discussed today, a few days before my 77th Birthday. Joe Edit Post Report post to moderator Re: Please accept my most heartfelt best wishes on this great occasion for you and my family.

I have nothing but admiration for your spirit of compassion and service towards fellow human beings. If even one tenth of the people of the world had the same compassion as you, this world would become so beautiful.

The reason for my starting this thread was very simple.

Why ‘Joepathy’ works in many cases

I wanted to explain why these three remedies that you are so fond of, may be working in a number of cases that you have helped. Though I do not share your views on the way the more well known official school of homeopathy is practised, I still respect you as a compassionate human being.

May God give you many, many, many more years of serviceful life!! With lots of best wishes, Rajiv Re: Best Wishes and Take Care. Hope u will hit a century with Arnica. First of all, the only time the similium fails, is if it is indeed NOT the similium, and has been merely mistaken as such by the prescriber, or, if the patient is in need of the ISOmilium.

I think you are confusing mere dilution with Homoeopathic potency. Have actually fully treated a chronic case before? An awful lot of the remedies required to affect cure, are those to which the patient has been exposed!

For example, I have had ex car mechanics who have been exposed to Petroleum all their lives, yet needed the substance in potency to relieve their conditions, the same I have found true of Kreosotum in fence painters and gardenersChlorine in ex swimming pool attendants, Silicea in stone cutters which is actually common knowledge, and listed in the majority of mat meds!

I could go on with numerous examples. What about patients who have reacted badly to allopathic drugs, who require a potency of the offending substance?

Suji i n s case study

All these things are in our everyday environment, yet they do not affect everyone who merely comes into contact with them. Your experiments therefore, I am afraid are quite flawed. Thank you for your kind thoughts and you may like to know that I have dedicated the rest of my life to helping those who consult me with my own brand of Homeopathy which is now accepted as Joepathy.

I agree with you completely that if only others too are more caring in their daily lives the world would be a far better place to live in.

It is unfortunate that in homeopathic circles there still exists that aura of exclusivity which is, I believe, the real reason why Homeopathy does not achieve the status that medicine enjoys today.

I do not write off this process but I maintain the the human mind cannot do justice to identifying that one remedy that will help the patient according to the tenets of classical homeopathy without the assistance of Homeopathic Software like Radar which I too use when necessary.

I state this as the choice of this single remedy cannot possibly be identified from the many thousands that are available as the odds against the correct choice being made even by the most experienced homeopath are a million to one and cannot possibly be done mentally.

This is where the software can be relied upon if the strict application of the classical theory has to be successfully implemented. In my case I have evidence to prove that the majority of practicing homeopaths in the Indian sub continent use the same direct method that I too use to identify a remedy as it is absolutely impossible for those who see over 20 patients per day to spend at least an hour per patient with the classical system.Bibliography of Translations from the Chinese Buddhist Canon into Western Languages.

Last updated: This is a working bibliography of translations of Chinese Buddhist texts mainly from the Taishō edition of the canon. A dictionary of words used in Singlish (Singapore English) with examples from published works.

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Suji i n s case study

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