Shooting dad questions

Though police blamed it on only two shooters—Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold—involvement by unindicted co-conspirators is highly likely. Why did numerous ear-witnesses say at least one attacker was firing a fully-automatic weapon? Why did police concentrate on setting up a perimeter at the same time dispatch via phone is hearing the sound of gunshots within the school?

Shooting dad questions

Only DMPs can be signed over to another person consigned.

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I need to put in for my vacation time at work. What are the dates for next year's deer season? May I shoot more than one deer in a day if I have the proper tags?

Yes, as long as you have the proper tags you may shoot more than one deer in a day. May I use my Regular Season deer tag during the special seasons? Why are bowhunters not allowed to use the regular deer tag during the early Bowhunting Season?

The simple reason is as a measure of fairness. Adult bucks are a limited resource, and many hunters go multiple seasons before successfully harvesting a buck. To allow bowhunters the opportunity to harvest two bucks Shooting dad questions to the opening of the gun season would be to provide bowhunters an unfair advantage.

You may only shoot deer that can legally be taken in the unit in which you are hunting. The individual unit regulations and tag requirements must both be satisfied and dictate what may be taken during the muzzleloading seasons.

What is an antlerless deer? Shooting dad questions antlerless deer is a female or a male with antlers that are less than 3 inches long.

The legal definition of an antlered deer remains any animal with one antler 3 inches long or longer. This definition applies in the Pilot Antler Restriction area and throughout the rest of the state.

You may NOT use an antlerless tag on a buck with antlers greater than 3" but less than the 3-point on one side restriction. Where should I attach the carcass tags to my deer?

DEC does not require the carcass tag be attached to a deer in any specific location, but we recommended that you attached the tag to the head of the deer, either to an antler or through a small slit through the ear.

Twist ties or small cable ties work well for this purpose. Look carefully for the perforated hole on the carcass tag.

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You must fill out the carcass tag immediately upon taking a deer, but you do not need to attach it to the animal until you get back to your vehicle or camp.

You are responsible to ensure that your deer is tagged. If the tag falls off during transport, you could be ticketed for possessing an untagged deer. I'm having trouble cutting out the notches on my carcass tag. What can I do?

Immediately upon taking a deer you are required to fill out the carcass tag. You must mark the date of kill on the carcass tag either by cutting out the day and month along the edge of the tag or by writing the day and month with a pen that won't erase. Do I need to have my deer tags with the deer meat in my freezer?

No, the tags remain on the carcass. When the carcass is disposed of, the tags may also be discarded. However, when you are transporting packaged venisonyou must provide a tag with the meat.

What types of scopes are prohibited in New York?

Shooting dad questions

Any scope that projects light beyond the body of the scope, including laser sights, is prohibited for hunting deer and bear in New York. Artificial lights, including laser sights, may be used at night to hunt coyote, fox, raccoon, or bobcat. You may not use artificial lights to hunt big game.

Can I use lighted sights on my bow to hunt for deer or bear? Lighted sights are legal on bowhunting equipment as long as the light only illuminates the sights and does not project outward from the sight housing.

What types of muzzleloaders are legal in New York? When is a muzzleloader considered unloaded and legal to transport in a motor vehicle? A muzzleloader is considered unloaded when the cap is off the nipple, the primer is removed, the primer powder is removed from the flintlock pan, or the battery is not in an electric-fired muzzleloader.A disabled Vietnam veteran, Fred Hopkins was a stay-at-home father, busy raising a large flock of children, according to a mother and daughter who say they were longtime family friends.

Queens dad Purna Acharya describes taking a bullet to his stomach during the mass shooting at a Rite Aid distribution facility in Maryland last week and questions how shooter obtained 9mm pistol. The Latest: Attorney questions allegation in compound case.

August 9, 1 of 6. The father of a missing boy is due in court Wednesday as authorities work to identify a child’s remains uncovered in an isolated New Mexico compound where he was arrested last week. Shooting Dad Analysis Essay Sample.

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The short story written by Sarah Vowell called Shooting Dad is a story of a father and a daughter and their polar opposite personalities. All Categories > Politics & Government > Law Enforcement & Police.

Law Enforcement & Police a feeling it was the cops so I kept dodging there calls and eventually they called my mom and they asked her a couple questions about me, but they SPECIFICALLY asked her where I work? I come from a poor and unstable family and my dad was. Take an aim at these trivia quizzes designed to bring out the sportsman in all of us!

The shooting trivia quizzes will get your day started with a bang. Covering everything from common guns and shooting styles, to the big names in hunting and sport shooting today, you’re sure to learn something.

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