Renting books essay

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Renting books essay

There are many expenses to keep in mind when applying and deciding on a college; tuition, room and board, living necessities for a dorm room, and one of the most dreaded, textbooks.

A lot of new students do not remember that they will have to buy all of their books unlike in high school where they were provided.

Renting books essay

With the unknowing also comes the shock of how expensive one measly book can be. Textbooks are one of the most expensive items to pay for in college, and Universities should consider a way of making them more affordable for the average student.

A student right out of high school may not realize truly how expensive textbooks are, if not informed they probably think that they will be spending max dollars on books for all of their classes. On hearing this a mix of emotions fly around in the new students head.

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First disbelief, then rolling to anger, confusion, shock, and maybe even a tear drop running down the face of this confused first year student. Well these students are correct there are!

There is no other book market like it, and it is its very structure that makes college texts so expensive. Twenty years ago, publishers of textbooks generally estimated that the useful life of a textbook was about five years.

Different publishers had different ways of getting to that number. Some publishers took the cost of developing a book and spread those costs in equal amounts over each of the five years.

Other publishers estimated the number of copies they expected to sell and then charged their profit-and-loss statement on a pro rata basis each time they shipped a book. So college publishers spread those costs to pair them with the useful life of a book.

So why does it cost so much? Thus the cost to even create the book in the first place is extremely high.

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Another reason for the high cost is the newer innovation of selling used books to students at a much cheaper price. This hurts publishers, and they have to come up with a way to still be making a profit so they drive up the prices of the new books that they will sell. Now that we know why these books cost so much in the first place, the next thing to do would be to figure out how to get around this.

Ideally, students would want textbooks to be provided by their universities and free. However this is virtually impossible for universities to do, and the only way for them to do this would be to raise the tuition bill to cover the cost, and in the end the student would still be paying for the books.

One option in saving money on textbooks is to buy used rather than new.

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There are many different companies and ways to purchase used books ranging from amazon, eBay, to the campus bookstore. For example, a brand new introductory macroeconomics book costs two hundred and twenty dollars, but getting this same book used will only cost one hundred and sixty five dollars.

Some students prefer this method of buy because these books usually have writing and highlighting from the previous owner. These notes and highlighting can either help or hurt a student; they may help to understand the material better but also maybe distracting to some.

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Some tips to keep in mind when purchasing a used book is that the international versions of textbooks are usually the same as the US version and cost a lot less. Another trick to keep in mind is at the beginning of the semester check with the professors to see if an older version of a textbook would still work for the course.

If the case is yes, then a student can save a lot of money by buying an older version, all while getting the same material.

Renting books essay

Along with buying used books, renting books is another option students have. A newer trend to hit the textbook market is the option to rent a textbook.

It is a simple process of just paying a rental fee for the semester on each book. Comparing this process to the new economic book costing two hundred and twenty dollars, renting this book would only cost ninety-nine dollars. This option is a lot less expensive than buying a brand new book, but might not be the best option for those who learn best by writing and highlighting in a textbook.

Since the book is not actually owned by the student when renting they have to be considerate of how much writing and highlighting they do, and keep the damage to a minimum. Another factor to consider is the student must be responsible enough to not lose the book or risk paying for it full price.

A downside to this option is that unlike buying a used book a student cannot sell it back at the end of the semester. Another new, popular way for students to receive their textbooks is by buying E-textbooks.Peggy McIntosh is associate director of the Wellesley Collage Center for Research on Women.

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Two years ago, Kazushige Nishida, a Tokyo salaryman in his sixties, started renting a part-time wife and daughter.

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His real wife had recently died. Six months before that, their daughter, who was. Along with buying used books, renting books is another option students have. A newer trend to hit the textbook market is the option to rent a textbook. It is a simple process of just paying a rental fee for the semester on each book.

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