Online ethical legal and regulatory issues

Regulatory frameworks are essential for ensuring compliance with basic standards, but in some instances, the impact of regulatory as well as legal and ethical issues can be significant. What Does a Regulatory Framework Mean? A regulatory framework serves as a model used for enacting regulations. Such frameworks may be developed within specific areas of interest, such as the healthcare industry.

Online ethical legal and regulatory issues

Internet Marketing Ethics and Web Ethical Issues Importance of Ethics on The Internet Applying good ethical standards to the online world is a direct reflection of your business online.

Ethics affects all aspects of your business. Ethics affects your employees, and how they represent your company online, on the phone, in person, and all types of customer service and customer relations when dealing with buyers, engineers, sales leads, and potential customers in both the business of B2B and B2Cboth of which covers the majority of business types in the world.

Consider the following questions: What is ethical in B2C and B2B web sites? Who can you trust online? What are the laws in advertising online? Are there different issues with B2B and B2C? What are the ethical standards, federal laws, and international laws for email marketing?

What can be copied online? In a society where legal and ethical limits are pushed to the max and how the attitude pervades those around us that if there are no rules against something then it is OK to do, why even ask about ethics and ethical values on the Web?

Because, it really does affect you and your business! Read the information above. Business Ethics The Internet is a growing and a continually evolving creature that will live on in perpetuity.

As such, it would be wise to ponder the various e business legal and Internet marketing ethical issues of both B2B and B2C business practices online.

Whatever is written and published online today will likely be there tomorrow and possibly be recoverable forever.

Your Business Can Become A Bright Internet Star

Imagine the billions upon billions of text information in web pages, publications, and books that are and will be stored for a long time to come. There is even a site where you can go way back in time to check out archives of other websites and view pages that were created at the beginning of their infancy.

Additionally, old videos, films, movies, and audio in various applications formats are also viewable. With text messaging, wireless web mail, picture uploading, video recordings, and even video conferencing from cell phones and other personal communication devices with built in microphones and cameras, the Internet will be affecting more lives than ever before.

Security and privacy concerns, along with e-business regulatory issues will become more prevalent. It will become more difficult to figure out who you can trust online, which websites are safe to visit, along with all the unethical, illegal, Internet marketing schemes, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and online advertising frauds and all types of ebusiness email scams to contend with.

Negative or defamatory articles published about various people and companies, on other websites, blogs, and forums, if not properly researched and documented, could possibly have legal consequences of libel that can stretch across countries.This report identifies and critically examines the legal, regulatory and ethical issues associated with the proposals outlined in section above.

Rebranding: Legal, Regulatory and Ethical Issues

In the light of this analysis the report also makes recommendations as to how the advertising of the proposed ‘Stynx’ brand should proceed and how that advertising can be supported and. Legal Issues The legal implications of nursing practice are tied to licensure, state and federal laws, scope of practice and a public expectation that nurses practice at a high professional standard.

Online ethical legal and regulatory issues

The nurse’s education, license and nursing standard provide the framework by which nurses are expected to practice. In these tough economic times, coping with the ethical, legal, and regulatory issues related to B2B and B2C web sites and the free flow of information on Web is a major concern for both types of e-businesses.

Operating an online business introduces a bunch of ethical issues to consider.

Honesty, Integrity, and Trustworthy

Are you violating any of these ethical issues in eCommerce? About Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues. Journal of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues (JLERI) is an open access publication that welcomes original research related to the ever changing international business laws and legal rights.

Affiliated to Allied Business Academy publication, JLERI enjoys 30% of acceptance rate and encourages theoretical or empirical works in business law, ethics or. chapter 3 Legal, Ethical, and Professional Issues in Information Security In civilized life, law floats in a sea of ethics.


Impact and Interpretation of Regulatory, Legal, and Ethical Issues