Netafim migrating from products to solutions

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Netafim migrating from products to solutions

Learn why SVN users are migrating to Helix Core. Read stories from customers who are happy they migrated. Products Column 3. Dev Collaboration. Helix TeamHub. Helix Swarm. Static Analysis. And see why many dev teams opt for on-premises solutions to ensure developer uptime, and to manage access controls and repo- and branch-level. Headquartered in Israel, Netafim needed a better way to manage its diverse worker population across 31 countries. Netafim turned to SuccessFactors Employee Central, Performance & Goals and Compensation solutions to globalize human resources (HR) in one system, streamlining important processes and fostering a stronger common culture. In , Erez Meltzer, president and CEO of Netafim (the world’s leading manufacturer of drip irrigation equipment), wondered if the supply chain Netafim was strong enough to support the change in strategy that plans for the company: migration of selling products to selling solutions.

A typical enterprise PKI infrastructure grows over time, with shifts in business needs and added use cases. The result is often a heterogeneous environment with inconsistent security policies, where the costs associated with maintaining security and administration grows. Moreover, older PKI solutions may have limitations in business model or functionally that make them unfit to support current needs and regulatory requirements.

Regardless of driving force for migration and consolidation, PrimeKeys solution is a proven, scalable and flexible choice. It is imperative that current solutions enabled by existing certificate services continue working with limited interruption, that the migration project manage existing interfaces and integrations to external systems, and that the robustness of the infrastructure is maintained — or improved — with the migration.

Confusion, Concerns and Challenges When Implementing a Drip Irrigation System

A smooth and secure migration. A predicable project scope. Improved certificate managed functions and control.

A flexible and extendable CA platform. A secure and reliable installation.

Netafim migrating from products to solutions

An open and future proof product. Organizational changes, operational challenges and new business opportunities can no longer be supported in an effective way.

No problem, PrimeKey has done this before. Recording from PrimeKey Tech Days Recorded at PrimeKey Tech Days Thinking of a PKI migration? Get in touch with us! Fill in your contact information below and we will get in touch with you.This is part two in a series of blogs about migrating source code from one version control system (VCS) to another.

Part one was about migrating code from Subversion to Mercurial, in case you missed time we’re tackling something a little trickier: migrating from Visual SourceSafe (VSS) to Mercurial. Our Hardware solutions help protect your IT solutions or entire organization from fraud, counterfeit, piracy and interception.

Migrating to PrimeKey EJBCA from RSA Digital Certificate Solution. These products have been proven in a range of circumstances, from critical telecom and power infrastructure to smart products from several of.

Resources to help you upgrade to the latest versions of McAfee security solutions. Technical Articles. Best practices, troubleshooting, and issue-related articles. Product Documentation. can retain their policies and client task assignments from legacy products.

Migrating to McAfee Endpoint Security is a free update and can take less than. Migration Accelerator maximises the potential of your content and information management infrastructure throughout each stage of your migration project, and is the perfect migration tool for high-volume, complex content migration projects where integrity, continuity and enrichment are a priority.

Netafim USA secured the WaterSense Label by the EPA for three of its Netafim Landscape Controllers (NLC) web-based irrigation controllers.

Netafim secures EPA WaterSense Label for smart irrigation controllers.

How the Global Goals are addressed

August 22, Photo: Netafim. Netafim USA, a provider of drip irrigation solutions for the landscape industry, secured the. Nov 01,  · Having more than 25 products in different categories and millions of happy customers around the world, we are the first choice for businesses as well as individuals for more than ten years.

Netafim migrating from products to solutions

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