Google inc case study answers

Google learned this first hand when it was required to censor its search engine result pages that were displayed in Chinese territory. Since it was founded, the company has maintained a high ethical standard on search results by providing users with unbiased algorithm-driven content.

Google inc case study answers

Please ensure that the student numbers from all group members are recorded accurately. Introduction Google was founded in by Larry Page and Sergey Brin and it was the first popular search engine in the world.

Roles of the Host Government

They created this search engine so that users can find any website or document on the web based on keyword or exact searches. Google provides free services for their users. Other than the search engine, they can also search books on Google Book Search, news on Google News, videos on Google Video YouTube and maps on Google Maps Google has changed the way people look at and share information.

This has made them a leading search engine on the web and a global technology leader. Since then, Google has grown to become one of the most recognized brands in the world as well as one of the top Internet destinations.

As ofGoogle has employees working in more than 70 offices in more than 40 countries around the globe. Strategic management has many benefits to an organization. In addition, strategic management gives managers an advantage in allocating resources efficiently. Moreover, these strategies help give the firm a competitive advantage in the market.

Statistics show that, on average, companies using strategic management are more successful. In addition, the report will identify and explain the internal and external environmental analysis of Google. Literature Review Strategic management is defined as the process by which managers of the firm analyze the internal and external environments for the purpose of formulating strategies and allocating resources to develop a competitive advantage in an industry that allows for the successful achievement of organizational goals.

Strategic management has an impact on initial goals, actions and recourses. Goals are set by managers to be completed within a certain period of time.

Action plans must be clear to the group and they should start working on their targets accordingly. Recourses cannot be managed and allocated without proper understanding of goals and actions. Strategic decisions are taken by managers to help an organization reach its goals in the short term and long term development and future direction of the company.

There are two processes that help the organization in evaluating their position in the market. SWOT analysis Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats is used to analyze the internal processes and structures of a business. Its implemented after the external environment PEST analysis are analyzed and clarified.

Macro environment are the changes in the industry in regards to political- legal, economic, technological, and social systems.

Legal, Cultural, and Ethical Challenges

PEST analysis is used to determine the political, economical, social and technological factors in an external environment of an organization. These factors affect an organizations activities and performances. Government stability is one of the major aspects in Google's strategy.

If the market is stable, governments help businesses and so these businesses advertise more on Google, hence, benefitting Google.

In addition, most of the governments do not have identified laws for online information sharing, thus, giving Google the opportunity to manipulate laws. However, China has created a barrier for Google by adding regulations that forbid Google from operating on their terms.

For example, according to UKessays"Chinese Government launched a surveillance system called Golden Shield for monitoring civilian use of Internet.

Some of these factors are taxation polices, employment laws and environment protection laws. Gross domestic products GDP have been on the rise since a very long time.

They are increasing annually at the average rate of 3. The amount of users around those counters can impact on Google positively and lead them to establish better services and more products for their users leading the it being a strength to Google economically.Google Inc Case Study.

Google inc case study answers

No description by Lorenzo Scott Zerboni on 16 December Tweet. Transcript of Google Inc Case Study " Who is afraid of Google? Everyone!" Products and Services Portfolio Banfi Marco Ferrari Laura Gasperi Alessandro Loiero Lorenzo Zerboni Lorenzo S W O T Strengths Co-founders Brin and Page Brand image and reputation.

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