Filling station business plan in nigeria nigerian

The level of demand for the service is quite high by virtue of the fact that Bayelsa is a fast growing State.

Filling station business plan in nigeria nigerian

Share 18 Shares Nigeria is one of the biggest oil producing nation in the world with a very huge crude oil deposits around the entire South South, South East, and South West region of the country, both tapped and untapped. Everything about oil is money, from exploration to exportation and marketing crude or refined productetc.

The profit is bountiful and guaranteed. Further to being oil producing nation, Nigeria is also one of the biggest consumer of oil products in Africa with about 40 million litres said to be consumed everyday.

filling station business plan in nigeria nigerian

The Factories, Businesses, Schools, Hospitals, in fact everything in Nigeria depends of power generated privately from petroleum products consuming sets. Even the major oil marketers like Mobile, Total, Oando, Texaco, and so on are always looking for individual would be marketers who have the needed finance and logistics that they can sponsor in this business.

Prices of Petroleum Products in Nigeria The current commodity prices for these petroleum refined products are high, and that guarantees more profits for marketers — As at now, the prices of petroleum products are: When the product is completely sold which usually takes less than six days to sell depending on where your Petrol Filling Station is and the demand at that timethe cash returns expected from one tanker of each of the petrol product sells will be: If there is any time you must invest in Petrol Marketing Business, it has to be now.

It can be located in the rural area as these areas are always neglected by the major marketers who prefer the urban areas. Having your Petrol Filling Station in the rural area is far less expensive to set up and to maintain and still guarantee sustainable profit.

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How to Start Filling Station Business In Nigeria

Dependent Marketers and Independent Marketers. Each of them have both advantages and disadvantages. You can only be one at a time except you have enough investment capital to build more than one petrol station, use one for Franchise and the other for Independent Marketing.

Who is a Dependent Oil Marketer? You are an Dependent Marketer when you holds the Franchise of a Major oil Marketer to market under their name with your own facility fully branded by them. In my own opinion, it seems the advantages of being a Franchisee of a major marketer is more than the disadvantages Advantages 1.

You will be riding on the back of your chosen Major Marketer and inherit their customer base within where your business is located, and as they keep marketing their brand, you keep making business off the popularity. You will be having your products delivered directly to your filling station and on time by your chosen Major Marketer as they already have the logistics.

You will have no business with advertising, your Major Marketer overall brand advertising does that for you too. You just seat back while they do the marketing for you.

You will be enjoying some high level of logistic support from a well established brand and build your business off their credibility. You will miss out from the opportunity of building your own brand and pushing your name forward. You will also miss out from gaining higher profit margin per litre of petroleum products you lift because the prices of products from The Major Marketers are higher.

And the subsidy thing too will elude you. You will be regulated by them, including the prices, and the products you sell. Who is Independent Oil Marketer? You run your business under your own chosen name and build your own brand and marketing logistics.

You lift products directly from NNPC Depots at lower prices and earn certain amount per every litre of petrol products you lift, and you can source your product anywhere you like.

You do your business under your own policy and terms. The minimum quantity of petrol product you can buy from NNPC Depot is one tanker of 30, litre that cost within 2million Naira. Therefore, you must find a way to afford it. You must have your own tanker that will be transporting your products or you deal with haulage company which will cost money and delay sometimes in delivering the products.

You are in charge of marketing your brand, therefore you have to do some forms of advertising which cost money as well.Petrol Filling Station Business Plan in Nigeria February 6, by BusinessPlan 1 Comment This sample petrol filling station business plan in Nigeria has been written to be used to access bank loans, grant applications, business proposals, competitions, etc.

filling station business plan in nigeria nigerian

Apr 24,  · filling station business plan in nigeria business plan for a gas station & How to open a gas station - Duration: Start & Grow Your Business 13, views.

Smoked Catfish| Nigerian. Petrol Filling Station Business In Nigeria: Detailed Plan Petrol filling station business in Nigeria has remained one of the businesses that is conserved for the very few in our society, that is because of the enormous amount of money needed to start up such a venture.

Petrol Filling Station Business Plan In Nigeria Feasibility Study PDF / DOC. TABLE OF CONTENTS Petrol Filling Station Business Plan. Executive Summary 3. Business Description of Petrol Station Business Plan in Nigeria. Business: PETROL STATION Industry: OIL AND GAS (Petrol Station Business plan in Nigeria) PATILAD PETROL STATION is a fully registered and gas station that .

How to Setup Petrol Filling Station Business in Nigeria. Darlington Omeh, Oil and I just started building a filling station and will appreciate a draft business plan/ detail feasibility study for a rural location to guide my future expectation in this business.

sir do u know anyone or companies that can finance a filling station or any.

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