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College is a whole four years, but not everyone goes through with it. What holds them back?

Essay sweepstakes 2007

Sternberg peer review controversy Expelled features excerpts from an interview Stein conducted with Richard Sternberg, described as an evolutionary biologist he has two Ph. The film says his life was "nearly ruined" after he published an article by intelligent design proponent Stephen C.

Meyer inallegedly causing him to lose his office, to be pressured to resign, and to become the subject of an investigation into his political and religious views. Sternberg defended his decision, stating that intelligent design was not the overall subject of the paper being mentioned only at the end and that he was attempting merely to present questions ID proponents had raised as a topic for discussion.

He presented himself and Meyer as targets of religious and political persecution, claiming the chairman of his department referred to him as an "intellectual terrorist.

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Sternberg, a staff scientist for the National Center for Biotechnology Information and also a fellow of the intelligent design advocacy group International Society for Complexity, Information, and Design ISCIDhad resigned his position at the journal Proceedings of the Biological Society of Essay sweepstakes 2007 six months before publication of the Meyers paper.

The Council of the Biological Society of Washington has stated that "Contrary to typical editorial practices, the paper was published without review by any associate editor; Sternberg handled the entire review process.

Essay sweepstakes 2007

The Society subsequently declared that the paper "does not meet the scientific standards of the Proceedings" and would not have been published had typical editorial practices been followed. Also contrary to the way his career was depicted in the film, Sternberg still retained this position untilwhen he was given the offer of continuing as a Research Collaborator.


In the film Stein states, "After she simply mentioned Intelligent Design in her cell biology class at the Crocker tells Stein that before the incident she was routinely offered jobs on the spot following an interview, but afterwards she was unable to find a position in academia.

According to the university and the National Center for Science Education, Crocker was not fired; her position Essay sweepstakes 2007 non- tenure track and her employment was on a course-by-course basis. She taught to Essay sweepstakes 2007 end of her contract, which was not renewed.

A George Mason University spokesman said this was for reasons unrelated to her views on intelligent design, and that although they wholeheartedly supported academic freedom, "teachers also have a responsibility to stick to subjects they were hired to teach, The answer is no.

Michael Egnor Michael Egnor, a neurosurgery professor at Stony Brook Universityis presented in the film as the subject of persecution after writing a letter to high school students asserting that doctors did not need to learn evolution to practice their trade.

In the film, Stein describes this as "Darwinists were quick to try and exterminate this new threat," and Egnor says he was shocked by the "viciousness" and "baseness" of the critical response he received. Marks II[ edit ] Further information: Marks II Robert J. Marks II is a professor at Baylor University who had his research website shut down by the University and was forced to return grant money when it was discovered his work had a link to intelligent design.

The film, through footage, compares Marks to the protagonist in the film Planet of the Apes. The university removed the website after receiving complaints that it appeared to be endorsed by the university.

Baylor officials later allowed the website back on their server but required changes be made to the website so that it did not appear to be endorsed by the University.


Guillermo Gonzalez astronomer Guillermo Gonzalez, an astrophysicist who had been an assistant professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Iowa State University until Mayis interviewed by Stein, who claims that despite a "stellar" research record that led to the discovery of new planets, Gonzalez was denied tenure in April because his book The Privileged Planetco-authored with analytic philosopher and intelligent design advocate Jay W.

Richardsargued that the Universe is intelligently designed. Gonzalez claims that prior to his tenure review, he was the subject of a campaign on campus to "poison the atmosphere" against him, and that he would almost certainly have been granted tenure had he not been an advocate for intelligent design.

The film interviewed a member of the Iowa State University faculty who stated that Gonzalez was denied tenure because the university feared that if they granted Gonzalez tenure the university would become associated with the intelligent design movement.

Michael Shermer Michael Shermer is an author, science historianfounder of The Skeptics Societyand editor of its magazine Skepticwhich is largely devoted to investigating and debunking pseudoscientific and supernatural claims.

He was interviewed for the film by Stein and Mark Mathis to get his take on intelligent design and evolution. Shermer describes intelligent design as "three quarters of the way to nonsense," and voices skepticism at the claims that numerous academics were fired for advocating it.

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Shermer, in an online column coinciding with the release of Expelled, described feeling awkward about their motives soon after the interview began: For my part, the moment I sat down with Stein with Mathis there and he asked me that question about firing people for expressing dissenting views a dozen times, I realized that I was being manipulated to give certain answers they were looking for me to give.

I asked them both, several times, if they had anything else to ask me about evolutionary theory or Intelligent Design. Stein finally asked my opinion on people being fired for endorsing Intelligent Design.

I replied that I know of no instance where such a firing has happened. This seemingly innocent observation was turned into a filmic confession of ignorance when my on-camera interview abruptly ends there, because when I saw Expelled at a preview screening I discovered that the central thesis of the film is a conspiracy theory about the systematic attempt to keep Intelligent Design creationism out of American classrooms and culture.

Essay sweepstakes 2007

Richard Dawkins Richard Dawkins is an evolutionary biologist and popular science writer. Dawkins is portrayed as one of the leading members of the scientific establishment. The Intersection of Science and Religion, and were directed to a blurb implying an approach to the documentary crediting Darwin with "the answer" to how humanity developed: How in the world did we get here?

And yet, millions of Christians, Muslims, Jews, and other people of faith believe in a literal interpretation that humans were crafted by the hand of God. The conflict between science and religion has unleashed passions in school board meetings, courtrooms, and town halls across America and beyond.

I was approached a couple of years ago by the producers, and they described to me the central issue of Expelled, which was about Darwinism and why it has such a lock on the academic establishment when the theory has so many holes.

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Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed is a American documentary-style anti-evolution propaganda film directed by Nathan Frankowski and starring Ben Stein. The film contends that there is a conspiracy in academia to oppress and exclude people who believe in intelligent design.

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