Demonbuddy profile writing assignment

For the assignment, students are asked to draft a two- to three-page profile of a person, place, or event familiar to them; the profile should adhere to APA formatting standards, although no outside information is expected or required. As it looked as I was drafting this. Image taken from the forum where the event occurred, used for commentary.

Demonbuddy profile writing assignment

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demonbuddy profile writing assignment

Leadership Profile Essay Sample Abstract Demonbuddy profile writing assignment this assignment I will attempt to examine the leadership and managerial aspects of my most recent role as a leader, assessing my key strengths and most pertinent areas for improvement. This paper will conclude with a plan for leveraging and further developing my strengths and, more importantly, how I will cultivate my areas for development as a leader.

I suppose it stems from my upbringing as a child of a retired Army Master Sargent who saw fit to ingrain in me the behaviors and discipline that are conducive to being out front, catching the vision first and needing to feel that those around me are on board as well.

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As an individual contributor I often times have had management responsibility for limited resources or have simply been called on to lead initiatives that involved a team of peers, vendors, and technical resources. I say all of this to underscore the fact that I have a definite purpose for being a proud student of the Jack Welch Management Institute.

In the following pages I hope to convey the level of value I have already experienced, and the plan that I have initiated to become the consummate leader that alludes many of us in the corporate world. Leading, for me, has always been the undercurrent to what I do on a daily basis. From early on in my career as a recruiter, managing a desk set of four, to the years as a recruiting manager responsible for the efforts of small teams of highly effective recruiters in the fast paced, often volatile, technology industry.

The last ten years of my career has been in an individual contributor role as a Staffing Consultant to the Services division of Microsoft Corporation. This role has afforded me the opportunity to lead others in many highly visible positions — as Compliance Champion for the Services Staffing team, Diversity Site Lead over five affinity groups on the Las Colinas, Texas Campus, and as Business Intelligence Champion for the Services Staffing team, just to name a few.

Interestingly enough my mantra over the years has been to focus on continual self-improvement, gathering nuggets of insight from world renown business leaders like Ken Blanchard, John Maxwell and Jack Welch. Through the first three weeks of this course I have been reminded of some previously learned concepts and introduced to others that have literally opened my eyes to what I already imagine will be a clear path to increased effectiveness and value as a leader.

demonbuddy profile writing assignment

The Disc Management assessment helped set the stage by defining my inherent leadership style as Si. Everything Disc Management Profile, This style is characterized by its bent toward collaboration, encouragement and support. Welch, Jack, Winning, Chapter 5 — Leadership. These readings confirmed for me what I feel are my core strengths as a leader — collaborating, engaging team members, driving the vision home and celebrating the results.

I have an innate ability to build rapport quickly and through that rapport start on a fast track with team members to build trust. I gave an example in one of our discussion threads of a specific time when I demonstrated my leadership ability.

It was an instance where I lead a team of recruiters in our Services business segment in an effort to revamp our entire recruiting process to fall into compliance with a set of forthcoming government regulations that were eventually going to be mandated.

The timeline was very tight and the stakeholders were numerous. The Disc Assessment also called out some potential pitfalls to watch for as well, most notably, my tendency to avoid conflict. In my assessment it was called out that being forceful with others and pushing for results would be challenging for me.

I do tend to avoid conflict and confrontations that I think may damage relationships.The very core of your writing whilst appearing reasonable originally, did not really sit perfectly with me personally after some time.

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