Chm 237 lab 10 report

Discussion i Analysis of Result Whether or not a reaction will form a precipitate is dictated by the solubility rules.

Chm 237 lab 10 report

It is imperative for your safety that you and everyone around you strictly adhere to the Safety Rules.

Chm 237 lab 10 report

Failure to comply with the safety regulations e. You will be utilizing equipment furnished by the Chemistry Department. It is your responsibility to properly maintain the equipment while it is in your care.

If equipment that has been entrusted to you is not returned in satisfactory condition, you will be held responsible for it. The following schedule gives the date that each experiment, quiz, recitation activity, etc.

Excused absences must be reported to your instructor in a timely manner. The makeup for each lab will be the following week on Thursday at 5: See the form for more details. The data sheet may not be graded in some sections; however, the Report Form for the corresponding experiment will not be graded if the data sheet is not submitted the day the experiment is conducted.

Chm 237 lab 10 report

For each experiment you will receive a total score between 30 and 0. PreLabs including a 3 pt one page summary are worth 5 points; lab reports are worth 10 points; the post-labs are worth 5 points unless stated otherwise ; and a written abstract of the lab is 10 points.

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The Report Form must reflect information obtained by you while in the laboratory and recorded on your data sheets. The PreLab Exercises associated with each experiment are due at the door before you start the experiment.

Report Forms, PostLabs and Abstract are usually due the week after the experiment was run. Neatness, grammar, spelling and completeness of your data sheets, PreLabs, Reports, PostLabs and abstract will be considered when points are assigned.

You must write in complete sentences. Points will be deducted for reports not submitted on the date due. TA mailboxes are on the 4th Floor of Heldenfels, next to the elevator and stock room.

Late Policy will be determined by your TA and me. More on the Abstract: You will write an Abstract words for every lab.

It will be turned in with the lab report and you will also submit it to Turnitin. Your TA will give you more information about how to login. There is more general information in the syllabus section on Turnitin. Your TA will make recommendations and allow you to resubmit the following week for a better grade.

You can learn more about writing an Abstract from our handout on abstracts and http: Quizzes 20 points each, usually 3 or 4 points per question are scheduled at various times during the semester.

At the end of the semester the scores on all quizzes, prelabs, reports, postlabs, abstracts and written final 40 points and Practical Final 10 points will be totaled for each student and multiplied by a factor so that the class average will be between 80 and Plagiarism in laboratory courses is common, largely because students think that the lab report is not as important as other assignments.

Academic dishonesty in lab as well as lecture will not be tolerated. So, please do your own work. Your data will be the same as your lab partner, and you can study together, but the writeup MUST be in your own words.

The TA and I don't want to fail you because you copied someone else's work, but we will. Abstracts will be submitted to Turnitin. To each lab, you will attach a sheet of paper that says: The schedule is as follows on the next page. There may be differences between this one and others.Recrystallization Lab Report Lab: Chem - Organic Chemistry Lab from Texas A&M University.

Our laboratory is composed primarily of guided inquiry labs with one open inquiry lab assignment. Besides completing the regular lab report as given in the manual, my students also write a one-page summary of the lab, due when they walk in the door, and an abstract of the lab, due when their lab .

18SU5E CHM Forensic Science LAB TTH PM PM SH Pauwels, Robert 18SU5E CHM Introductory Chemistry RECI MTW AM PM CH Firooznia, Fariborz 18SU5E CHM Introductory Chemistry LECT MTW AM AM CH Firooznia, Fariborz. CHM A Syllabus Fall – am TTh PS H Instructor: James P.

Birk Office: Physical Sciences H Line Number Section Recitation Lab The report will be graded on discussion of relevant chemistry, thoroughness, grammar, and style.

Evaporation Rates of Liquids Sarah Byce Herrington CHM 8 October Byce 2 Statement of Question How do evaporation rates relate to molecular structure? Based on the information given (Appendix: Table 1) it was predicted the longer the This lab taught that when the. Unformatted text preview: Madison McVey CHEM – November 2, Preparative Gas Chromatography Lab Report Results: The unknown A-2 was assigned to me during the Prep GC laboratory, and through the use of preparative gas chromatography, infrared spectroscopy, and comparison of known IR reports, the identity of the second compound of this unknown was .

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